Welcome to LULAC Cincinnati

Thank you for visiting the new website for LULAC Cincinnati. We are currently redesigning our site to provide our visitors with a better browsing experience. If you are here for information about scholarship opportunities, please visit our Scholarships page. While we develop our new online presence, please visit our FACEBOOK page for news and updates on our council.

What is LULAC?

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) was founded in 1929 and it is the oldest and most widely respected Hispanic civil rights organization in the United States.

LULAC was created in response to the prejudice, discrimination, and denial of basic civil and human rights, Hispanics were facing at the time, despite their contribution to America’s growth and power.

LULAC founders successfully established a grassroots organization that empowers its members to take a stand and develop community service programs that directly address the needs of their respective communities.

LULAC Councils across the United States hold voter registration drives, citizenship awareness sessions, health fairs, and tutoring programs, among several more events that benefit the Hispanic/Latino population.

LULAC Scholarship Recipients 2022

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our Scholarship Program year after year.  This year we awarded 30 LULAC Scholarships to talented Latino students: Karina Aulis, Ariana Borges Pabon, Julia Bottoms, Brittney Cabrera, Wendi Cantero Hernandez, Jorge Castillo, Jorggedyg Castillo-Perez, Edith Castillo-Perez, Leslie Chavez, Melanie Crespo, Janet Cruz, Adriana Enriquez, Wilmer Esquivel, Johnny Garcia Herrera, Gabriela Mendez, Diego Morales, Marielisa Moreno-Garza, Sophia Muñoz, Kimberly Noguera, Daniela Ostorga, Stefano Pecile, Cristian Ramirez-Gabriel, Carmen Reyes, Isabella M. Rodriguez, Mariana Salazar Barreto, Lorena Sanchez, Jeffrey D. Schneider, Annette M. Stricklin, Kimberly Vargas, Alejandro Villaseñor-Lara.