LOEF@ASPIRA – Esperanza

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June 1, 2024 – Laura Moese director of LOEF Supported ASPIRA – Esperanza in its closing ceremony of this program. This program graduated a group of Latino students (grade 4th to 8th). This program coordinated by Leo Calderon and Irene Encarnacion consisted on visiting 12 different locations including companies so they could learn about professions available to them.

LOEF in collaboration with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Princeton High School organized a visit to Princeton High School. Here, Maggie Perez from the NKU LULAC council discussed the community impact of LULAC, while Daniel McGee Marin (our 2023 WYLS participant) engaged students with numerical games titled “Math Can Be Fun.” Students were transported back in time, counting like Scottish farmers using only their fingers and toes, demonstrating creativity and innovation.
Tony Arreaga, LOEF Young Professional, delivered an inspiring talk titled “Dreams Come True.” Arreaga shared his journey from studying engineering at UCLA to pursuing his passion for cooking and working toward opening his own restaurant.

We are very proud of our partnership with The Esperanza Latino Center and will continue supporting these educational opportunities for our Latino youth