LULAC OEF Young Latino Professional Happy Hour in Downtown Cincinnati

On April 11th, the LULAC OEf Young Latino Professionals held their inaugural meeting at a lively happy hour event in Downtown Cincinnati. The gathering provided a unique opportunity for local Latinos to connect, network, and discuss ways in which LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) can support their professional growth and enable opportunities to help students.

Building Connections

The event was well-attended, with professionals from various industries coming together to share their experiences and insights. Attendees engaged in lively conversations, exchanging ideas on career development, mentorship, and community involvement. The relaxed atmosphere allowed for meaningful connections to form, fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants. LULAC OEF highlighted the organization’s commitment to supporting young Latino professionals through mentorship programs, scholarship opportunities, and career guidance. Participants were encouraged to explore these resources and take advantage of the valuable support LULAC provides.

LOEF Young Latino Professional Board

Ricardo Ugas YLP Director, Laura Moese - YLP Founder, Alba Díaz - Sub-Director, Laura Castillo - Strategy coordinator

Special Guest

Jonaiker Villalobos - Y'All Baseball player, Laura Moese - YLP Founder

Members of YLP Network

LOEF Young Latino Professional Board Special Guest

Looking Ahead

As the LULAC OEf Young Latino Professionals continue to grow, they plan to host more events like this one. By fostering connections, providing mentorship, and offering valuable resources, LULAC aims to empower young Latinos in Cincinnati and beyond.

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